Sunday, June 23, 2013

Turning over a new leaf ...

Welcome to Heather Hearts Books, my newest endeavor!

Late in 2012, I began this blog with a limited audience, just to try and get a feel for the field. It is only now that I have really launched it with the public, to my friends and non-friends, to publishing companies and authors, and to really make it a serious part of my life and help feed into the career I hope to pursue in publishing.

After returning from BEA 2013 with tons of new blogger friends to learn from, I came home with a greater understanding of how my blog should function and what it should be. I've redesigned the look of Heather Hearts Books and though I am a graphic designer and experienced with web design, I wanted to do this overhaul in an easy way that would look clean, crisp, and (just for the moment) speak more to the content than the design. (But in the future, I plan to bring all kinds of pretty design awesomeness to this blog!)

You'll notice I don't have a TON of reviews right now, but I've written several as I've been working on updating the blog and will be releasing them all over the course of this week and plan to cover several more books before the month is up. I'll also be doing a series of posts about my trip to BEA 2013 and New York City (where literary culture is part of the soul of the city) and occasionally popping in with other things I love besides books.

I will primarily blogging about young adult (YA) and new adult books (NA), but occasionally, I'll feature other books as well.

I hope you'll be a frequent visitor.


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