Saturday, July 27, 2013

15 Book Blogger Challenge -- Day 12

With only a few days left in the 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge (started by April at Good Books and Good Wine), we've reached the topic of blogger fatigue.

I can honestly say I haven't experienced a lot of blogger fatigue yet. Since I'm still newer, I haven't come up against a lot of it. However, when I was at camp with the team I coach, I did anticipate that I would post and that I would have plenty of time and energy at night and I was so, so wrong. I'm not sure why I thought I'd be able to manage it -- I've taken teams to this camp before and I know how mentally and physically draining it is.

I also experienced fatigue when I was at BEA 2013. I really wanted to blog throughout my experience and though I did start posts, I was so tired most nights, I just didn't have the energy. And once BEA was over, I was trying really hard to make the most of my time in NYC and not spend much time in the apartment or on the computer.

So in general, I'd say that traveling is when I've had the hardest time with it. However, the past three days I've been away and I have still managed to blog plenty. I think that part of it is because I'm doing a meme like this that gives me something to write about and keeps me active and gets my mind going, even if I feel it has stalled out. Usually, that gives me a boost of productivity. I've also started using a planner for the blog, just since I got back from camp, and since I have a set list of what to do for each day, that helps.

Tomorrow's topic: one under appreciated book everyone should read. I guarantee it'll be hard for me to pick just one!


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