Thursday, July 25, 2013

15 Day Book Blogging Challenge -- Day 10 (belated)

I'm still trucking along with the 15 Day Book Blogging Challenge (started by April at Good Books and Good Wine) even though I lost a few days there in the middle ...

Today's topic: how I choose what book to read next.

I have two storage containers in my room for my TBR (to be read) pile. One is a black bin that would hold easily four shoe boxes. The other is a huge shipping box that is currently holding about 50-60 books. And then of course there's my Nook, which is a cornucopia of books.

I also have a calendar. It's a little pink planner I keep in my purse and with me at all times that has me scheduled out as far as January 2014 with books that will be released that I own in one format or another OR the date that particular book is on tour with me and with which touring company (I'm part of many). I also mark down any book blitzes, cover reveals, or release day launches in that planner and keep a running list of book tours I've signed up for but not heard anything about and I check them off as I do.

What I choose to read is determined first by the calendar. This isn't a huge deal to me because I only choose to review books I'm generally interested in, so it doesn't really crimp my reading style. Also, I'm a super fast reader. I read Taken by Erin Bowman in less than 36 hours. I have finished more than one book in a day before. My all time high for reading in one week is 17.

Once a month, I go through and update my checklist and if I have paperback ARCs, I put them in order, too.

In my black bin, which is in front of my nightstand and near my bed there are two stacks. One is all my upcoming paperback ARCs in order. That's the stack closest to my bed. The other stack is books I've purchased myself for my own enjoyment, that were gifted to me, or that I received at BEA but have already been released. The stack closest to me or books on my Nook that I need to review always come first. But when I've got a day, I pick a book from other pile. I'm usually reading at least one from each.

Right now, I'm reading several books. Several are personal, two are coming up on my review calendar. I will review them all, of course, but the ones that are on my calendar take precedent. The books I'm reading today for review will change within 2-3 days, usually. Sometimes the ones I'm reading for my personal enjoyment take longer. The ARC/review pile in the black bin currently takes me through August and the first week of September.

In the big shipping box are ARCs and personal purchases. The paperback ARCs in that box are books that won't be released before the second week of September. I just went through the containers on Monday and circulated everything and update my list.

So it's not very exciting, but there it is -- that's how I choose my current read(s). And like I said, the calendar might seem restrictive, but it's the only way I'll stay on task and because I read so fast, I can get to whatever book I'm craving quickly.


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