Thursday, June 26, 2014

Life of a Blogger (4): Favorite Sports Teams

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme hosted on Thursdays by Jessi at Novel Heartbeat.

I'm a HUGE sports fan, so this week's Life of a Blogger topic is one I really enjoy.

I actually worked for 97.1 The Ticket, the major radio sports station here in Detroit, for about 10 months. I started out as an intern in the marketing and promotions department and then joined the event staff. I had to leave when I got a severe ankle break that wouldn't heal and ended up needing more than two months off because I couldn't handle the heavy lifting the job involved. But I loved almost every second of it, especially the part where I didn't have to worry about missing a major sporting event because I knew I'd be working it, and the free baseball tickets. Yeah, the free baseball tickets were amazing. I also got to meet a bunch of athletes, which was a blast.

Enjoying a couple free baseball games (one with my brother) at Comerica Park in Detroit.

Tigers catcher Alex Avila, pitcher (and Cy Young Award winner) Max Scherzer, and me at a charity event.

My first love is baseball. I was born into a family that is very baseball oriented. Specifically, we are very Detroit Tigers baseball oriented. I was born on my great grandma's birthday and she was one of the biggest fans in our family, so I definitely feel like I inherited her love of the game. It's really tough to find a member of my dad's family who didn't love the Tigers. When I spent portions of my summer at my grandparents' up north, there was only one TV with cable and every day, we would inevitably shift over to the game. I occasionally got a little bit bored with it, but it's something I look back on fondly now. Baseball quite literally been with me through every season of my life and every trial and tribulation. During some of my toughest times, looking forward to the game at the end of the day was what got me through some major struggles.

Baseball is an especially important pastime that my dad and I share. We go to a couple games just he and I every year.

I am also a huge fan of the Detroit Red Wings, though I have to admit my level of commitment has been lacking the past couple of years. I loved the Wings growing up, through high school and through college. But in the past couple years, a lot of the players I love have retired. But I'm still a fan and I live for Stanley Cup hockey. It's also something important I share with my big sister, Kim, who is technically my big sister in my sorority, but I consider her to be my real sister, biological or not.

Me and my big sister, Kim. :)

I have also decided recently that my backup hockey team is the New York Rangers. I don't know a whole lot about them, only that when I move to NYC, I'm going to need a team to cheer for and since the Yankees are out of the question and the Mets are barely considered Major League Baseball (sorry, guys), I need something, and I'm not a basketball or pro-football fan (though I do watch the Detroit Lions, however painfully, with my dad). The Rangers are part of the Original Six NHL teams, so I feel like I can cheer for them and enjoy it, as long as they aren't going up against the Red Wings.

My brother went to Central Michigan University, which I mentioned in last week's Life of a Blogger: Schools post probably should've been the place I ended up. He was in the marching band for five years, so we went to every football game at home and even a few away, including a couple bowl games! We are now honorary Chippewas and love CMU football.

So we are all loyal to the Chippewas, through and through, even when we're going up against a team whose colors run through our blood ...

The good old, University of Michigan Maize and Blue

I remember learning the fight song for U-M when I was about four years old. My grandparents on my mom's side got me key chain that played Hail to the Victors as part of a Christmas present and they taught it to me on the spot. 

So those are my favorite sports teams. 

What are yours?


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