Throwbook Thursdays

Everyone knows what Throwback Thursday is on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. It's a chance to post old photos -- sometimes from just a few months ago, sometimes from your childhood -- and share a brief memory with your friends and followers.

For sometime now, I've been toying with the idea of play on that concept in the form of Throwbook Thursdays -- a way to recognize, review, and promote books that are older or that we read awhile back, possibly before we started blogging, but that we still love.

This is my first attempt at starting a meme. I've never started one before and I'm not sure if it will take off or if it'll just be me participating in it.

The requirements for Throwbook Thursdays are easy. If you do it, you must review a book that is "old" in one of the following ways ... 

Either it was published at least two years ago and you've just now read it and reviewed it 


It is a book you read at least a year ago and you never reviewed


It is a book you read before you were a book blogger and so you never got to review it

For example, my first Throwbook Thursday will be a review of Julie Kagawa's Iron King, which I read back in 2011, way before I was a blogger. It was also published in early 2010. It fits all three of these requirements, but your Throwbook Thursday only has to meet at least ones. :)

I'll include a Link Up with each of my Throwbook Thursday posts so that you can link yours, too. 

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